About W.E.B. Du Bois

W. E. B. Du Bois, the first African American to earn a Ph.D. from Harvard University, developed a pedagogical paradigm based on his philosophy of history, concepts of culture, economic thought, and social and political beliefs. He felt that education should be transforming and completely integrated with life; that there should be no uneducated people. Traditional public schools have not been successful in educating the masses of poor children. The W. E. B. Du Bois Consortium of Charter Schools, Inc. is an exciting and high-potential alternative in the broader spectrum of school reform that provides opportunities for underserved students and communities. It operates high performing K-12 public charter schools that focus on the arts, entrepreneurship, teacher education, leadership, ethics, public policy and career development-stranding math, science, engineering and technology throughout the curriculum. The charter schools the Consortium establishes provide high quality educational programs, give parents the opportunity to have real input in their child’s education, give educators the freedom to try new strategies to inspire student achievement and be less encumbered by bureaucratic barriers.


To provide high-quality schools that foster academic achievement through a focus on high expectations, strong school leadership, effective teaching, character development, parental and community engagement and positive results, in a technology-enriched environment.


The aim is to accelerate cognitive development and foster academic achievement for economically disadvantaged students through theme-based education.  Du Bois Schools implement comprehensive, coordinated instructional strategies to help students acquire the skills to become successful in mastering academic content.  Staff, students and parents work together to provide an environment which revolutionizes the education process for each member of the learning community.

Consortium Management Services

The consortium provides comprehensive management services with a holistic approach to school success in mind. It keeps each school focused on utilizing leading-edge approaches that quickly and dramatically improve instruction at all levels. Consortium services include:

  • Grant writing and implementation – The consortium provides grant research, writing, submission, implementation, tracking, evaluation and report filing of both competitive and entitlement grants.
  • Curriculum development – The consortium works with each school to determine and develop curriculum programs that meet state and federal standards. Consortium support staff assists the school staff by providing guidance on school improvement plans, as well as meeting academic measures and other requirements.
  • Special education compliance – Special education consultants work collaboratively with teachers to provide personalized instructional programs for every child and help them to modify, accommodate and adjust teaching techniques and class activities to meet the learning abilities of the students. Data oversight is provided to ensure proper documentation and programs are monitored to ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines.
  • Student assessment and evaluation – Consortium support staff works with school staff to accurately assess and evaluate test results, using quantitative and qualitative measures and reporting.
  • Communications and marketing – The consortium provides a strategic plan to market each school to attract students and works with school staff to implement the plan.
  • Human resources – The consortium recruits school staff, handles payroll and personnel matters, ensures certification and licensure compliance, completes background checks and assists with staff development.
  • Risk management – The consortium coordinates the planning, organizing, and controlling of property assets and activities in “just in case” scenarios.
  • Technology – The consortium provided support for all aspects of technology, from infrastructure and network management to technical troubleshooting, support for office operations and network and support services for instruction. It ensures compliance with the Students’ Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Maximum technological services are offered that minimize budgetary impact through partnering with the school on technology plan development and implementation, assisting and supervising school-based technology reports such as student count management, and acquiring appropriate hardware and software for educational and business purposes.
  • Budget oversight and financial reporting – The consortium collaborates with each school in the budget development process to ensure that goals and objectives are met and provides accounting and independent auditing services.
  • Compliance reporting – The consortium provides support to each school in completing accurate and timely compliance submissions.
  • Facility acquisition – The consortium identifies best possibilities for a school site and negotiates lease or purchase agreements.